The Thirteen Colonies

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The English settlement in America occurring around the early 1600’s was the result of the Age of Exploration in addition, the freedom from religious oppression. For the Separatists later known as the Pilgrims, America was a place for dreams and new beginnings given that they were persecuted for their religious beliefs in England. Some fled to the Netherlands finding religious freedom and no work. The Pilgrims however, settled in America. Moreover, the Puritans came to America to practice their religion freely. They strictly enforced their religious regulations in result of the little tolerance they themselves obtained from different beliefs. Due to this lack of tolerance people began forming new colonies. England had three colonial groups identified as the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Three admirable colonies that may be pointed out from each group are Massachusetts from the New England colonies, Pennsylvania from the Middle and Maryland the Southern colonies.

Massachusetts has played a significant role in American history, most importantly in the lives of Puritans. In 1629 an assembly of Puritans had formed the Massachusetts Bay Company, which later received a royal charter to establish a colony north of Plymouth. The company had selected John Winthrop a wealthy English Puritan lawyer, to be the colony’s governor. In 1630, Winthrop also became one of the leading figures in founding the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the first major settlement in New England after Plymouth Colony. He guided about 900 people to Massachusetts Bay where most of them settled. More settlers followed. During the 1630’s, more than 15,000 Puritans journeyed to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution and economic hard ships in England. This movement became known as the Great Migration. As one of the most important of the New England colonies, Massachusetts became a leader in resisting British oppression.

Pennsylvania was a colony of hope and served as an experiment for...
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