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Topics: Bacteria, Microbiology, Bacterial cell structure Pages: 5 (981 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Unknown Laboratory Report BIO3200



Title Page – this should contain the following information: Unknown, your name, date (due date), course name / section, semester / year


This section introduces the reader to the study and why the study was done. This should be at least a half page long. For example: “There are many reasons for identifying an unknown bacterium. The reasons range from…[explain 2-3 reasons why you may want to identify an unknown bacterium]. This study was done by applying all of the methods that have been learned in the microbiology laboratory class for the identification of an unknown bacterium.”

This section should at least be about 1 -2 paragraphs long.

Materials and Methods – this is where the details of the study are listed. Where did the specimen come from and what methods were used to identify it? Be specific but do not rewrite the lab manual. One way is to mention the names of the materials used and reference the lab manual or notes for the procedure or method and elaborate when necessary. It is NOT necessary to write out the methods in detail, since this lab report is for the identification of an unknown bacterium and the methods are explained in detail in the lab handouts. THIS SHOULD BE IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT (I.E. LOOK AT JOURNAL ARTICLES FOR AN EXAMPLE) ALL ASSAYS MUST BE INCLUDED TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT (Growth curve, CFUs (counting colonies/dilutions, can include equation), Growth after incubating at RT for 6 days, MIC (antimicrobial disc), Catalase, Oxidase, DNA isolation). Under each headline describe the methods and material. The example below includes for headline that should be included but not all. ALL ASSAYS MUST BE INCLUDED TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT and MAKE SURE YOU READ YOUR PROTOCOLS I GAVE TO YOU CLEARLY. SHOULD ALSO KNOW THE PURPOSE OF ALL EXPERIMENTs. SO THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DISCUSS CLEARLY. Include 1pass and 2pass under obtaining unknown.


Material and methods:

Obtaining Unknown:

The specimen was obtained from the toilet handle within the stall of the women’s restroom. Procedures were followed as stated in the course laboratory manual by John Harley, unless otherwise noted. The first procedure that needed to be done was to streak the unknown out on a nutrient agar plates using the spread-late technique.

Enumeration of bacteria/growth Curve


Gram staining

Catalase and Oxidase


Results – This is where the results are summarized. The results should be in a table format. A short paragraph explaining how the results are presented can be included. This section should include a picture of your graph of your growth curve. This section should include all of your figures (any pictures that were taken should be included) In the short paragraph you can cite each figure. Be sure all figures are labeled. Examples are below. Can be in order of: picture of growth curve, table and than all other pictures. Make sure to include the measurements of MIC and all information about dilutions. Should now what the intended results or what was expected.

For MIC (antimicrobial test): if there is a clearing around the disk, it means that bacteria are sensitive to the antibiotic and that it can be used against your bacteria. If there is no zone around your disk, than your bacteria is resistant to that particular antimicrobial disk.

Example 1:

Table 1: Biochemical Test Results

|TEST |PURPOSE |REAGENTS |OBSERVATIONS |RESULTS | |Gram stain |To determine the gram |Crytal violet, iodine, |Dark purple, spherical |Gram positive cocci | |(Fig 2) |reaction of the bacterium |alchol, safranin | | | |Growth...
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