Topics: Central processing unit, Superscalar, Computer program Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Department of Electronic and Information Engineering
EIE 414 Computer Architecture and Systems
Project 2
Due day: 18 December, 2012
Late penalty: 50 %
A. Goal
The objective of this laboratory session is to familiarize with the VSIM Superscalar Simulator. This simulator allows program simulation on several superscalar central processing units, such as, Digital Alpha 21264, HP-PA8500, IBM Power3, Intel Pentium Pro/II/III and MIPS R10000. Basic usage such as execution and execution by steps and programming of these processors will be covered.

B. Software
PC with Windows 95 or above (Windows 2000 recommended)
VSIM Superscalar Simulator (download from WebCT,, open the software by unzip the zip file and run simulator.exe)
C. Simulation Guideline
Single Instruction Simulation
1. Select “Tools/Settings” from the menu tab and then select “Pentium Pro/II/III” from the CPU selection in the popup dialog box.
2. Select the Programming Tab in the dialog box and then select “Run Single Instruction”, select OPCODE as “add”, DEST as “EAX”, SRC1 as “EAX” and SRC2 as “EAX”. Press “OK” to close the dialog box.

3. Choose “Manual” to initiate the manual control execution process. 4. Beginning from “Decode”, record down all the changes, and continue the execution till “Release”.
5. Continue step 2 to step 5 for the following instructions: i. MUL
ii. FADD
iii. FMUL
iv. LD
v. ST
vi. FLD
vii. FST
viii. JMP
N.B.: You may deselect the “Show data transfers on buses” and “Show CPU simulation hints” within the “Simulation Options” tab in “Settings” if you have already familiarized with the execution stages.

Multiple Instructions Simulation
1. Select the “Run User Defined Assembly Program” under the “Settings” dialog box. 2. Choose OPCODE as “ADD”, DEST as “EAX”, SRC1 as “EAX” and SRC2 as “EBX”. Then press the “Append” button to append this operation into the program. 3. Continue to add two more instructions:...
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