New England and Chesapeake Settlers

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Ryan Alkhatab
During the colonial periods, English emigrants traveled to America for a new life and better opportunities. Some settlers came because of debts and charges that they want to avoid or pay off. Others came for the freedoms of the new world. The English settlers came to develop colonies such as New England and The Chesapeake. Although the settlers in New England and the Chesapeake came from the same place, they started to separate into two distinct societies based on the reasons founded, political views and religious standpoints.

Body 1: Reasons Founded
The different reasons people settled in New England and the Chesapeake area caused the colonies to evolve into two separate societies. * Chesapeake: For money. Settlers came to find gold (Document F) The area had fertile soil for farming tobacco. Indentured servants worked for new life. Single men mostly (document C) * New England: For religion. Wanted to be "as a city upon a hill" (Document A). Separatists founded Plymouth and broke from Anglican church.

Body 2 : Political
New England and Chesapeake had separate political views which pushed each other apart. * Chesapeake: Legislative and owned by aristocrats. More land = Less big towns and meetings. Had representatives. Document G explains too much land to defend. There was stronger layers of hierarchy based on wealth. (Document H) * New England: Democratic government based off of religion. Had town meetings. Stronger political government controlled by citizens. Body 3: Religion

Settlers in New England and the Chesapeake area had contrasting views on religion which separated the colonies. * Chesapeake: Church of England. Maryland was a catholic refugee. * New England: Congressional Church. Very religious, (Document D) Each plantation needs a minister. Attracted families that wanted educated and religious life (Document B) Conclusion:

To conclude, New England and Chesapeake settlers from England...
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