My Tok Moment

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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My TOK moment was tonight 02/02/12 when the year one students had a batch meeting at the mosque having some games to create a stronger bond between us. As usual this kind of thing made my instinct to escape getting bigger and stronger. So, I decide to sneak out from the program pretending that I had to make some important call. So I ask the permission of our class rep to go out for a while with my best friend. Then we straight forward go to the dewan selera to have an early supper and fortunately the menu for that night is laksa penang. At that time was about 10.45 pm and of course there was no one else except both of us having the supper together. Then came this year one student who was at that time duty at the koop asking and making a generalisation that we are year two students by offering nasi lemak free from koop and fortunately she doesn’t know who we are. I think this was my TOK moment because this particular student has made a generalisation by inductive logic ,since all year one students were having the meeting at the mosque it was impossible that both of us are year one student so she called me “abang”. So to avoid our identity from being revealed we just pretend that we are full but actually I really want that nasi lemak free.
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