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UNIT 21 Human Resource Management


UNIT 22 Managing Human Resources

The aim of these units is to provide learners with:
* an introduction to the concepts and practices of human resource management within the United Kingdom and focuses on the management of recruitment, retention and employment cessation. * an understanding of the theory and practice of human resource management focussing on current human resources practice and the impact of topical issues and legislation.

Unit abstracts
Unit 21 Human Resource Management
Recruiting and retaining staff of the right caliber contributes to the achievement of organisational purposes. Staff must make a valued contribution to the work of the organisation. Eventually they will leave, more often than not because they find alternative employment or retire. Occasionally, however, employment has to be terminated. This unit considers how human resource management deals with these aspects of working. However, the focus of human resource management has moved beyond personnel management towards a more proactive approach that, in addition to the traditional roles associated with staff management, also considers how to get the best people and the best out of people so that they work in roles and ways that are closely aligned to organisational objectives. This often leads to the assertion by many senior managers that ‘Our employees are our most valuable resource’. Human resource management takes place against a background of organisational needs, policies and procedures that are themselves shaped by legal and regulatory requirements. The unit therefore gives consideration to the national and European legislation that has, for example, seen the introduction of a range of anti-discriminatory legislation, the significance of which can be seen regularly in high profile and often very expensive court cases. Organisations with effective human resource management policies, processes and practices will have committed, skilled employees who contribute effectively to the organisation. In competitive business contexts this is a significant contribution to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Unit 22 Managing Human Resource Management
This unit sets the scene by looking at the different theoretical perspectives of human resource management and exploring the differences in these approaches. A variety of changes in the labour market, and the increasing demand from employees for a more manageable work-life balance, has seen the development of much more flexible working practices. This has been the case in all sectors of the economy and in all organisations irrespective of their size or the nature of their business. Some workers have a statutory right to flexible hours and all workers can ask their employer to accommodate their needs in terms of a more flexible pattern of working. This unit examines a variety of flexible working models and looks at practical methods that have evolved in many organisations to meet the needs of employers and employees.

Some elements of the unit require an awareness of the legislative framework which determines the nature and scope of human resources policies and practices. However, the unit does not require detailed knowledge of health and safety or equal opportunities legislation. It examines the practical impact of this legislation on human resources policies and practices. New approaches are explored, including the implications for human resources management of the shift from equal opportunities to managing diversity in the workplace.

The unit explores the different methods of performance management. It examines issues that may affect performance at work, such as ill health and absenteeism and will develop learner understanding of counselling and human resources practices that support employee welfare in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:...
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