Review How the Latest Advances in Technology Have Impacted on the Recruitment and the Selection Process

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Review how the latest advances in technology have impacted on the recruitment and the selection process Managing People - 4BUS1037

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This essay will review the impact that the latest advances in technology have had on the recruitment and selection process. “Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time” and is crucial to organisational performance. Recruitment is a crucial activity, and a number of areas of a company are usually involved in the selection process, not just for the HR team (CIPD, 2011). There are a number of ways that technology can be applied to the recruitment and selection model at nearly every stage. Firstly in Appendix 1 the personnel specification and the information pack for applicants could both be prepared on a word processing programme. The advertising for the job could not only be just put on job advertising website or the company’s actual website but technology now allows companies to use; blogs, podcasts, reports about their industry, reciprocal links, reciprocal banner ads and even coupons (Verio, 2010). When getting a response from applicants it is usually linked to a company’s HR email address so it can be dealt with instantly. Advantages in technology now mean interviews can take place in several different ways, not just over the phone or in person but now video communication can be used through programs such as Skype. Skype can be used when interviewing people anywhere and at anytime (Doyle, 2011). Over recent years, the biggest change in the human resource and recruitment industry has been the advancement of technology. It has allowed HR departments to reduce the amount of staff time being wasted on manual administrative tasks (Byron, 2009). Online technology such as e-recruitment software uses information technology to help speed up the selection process despite an increasing number of job applicants in many sectors (Local Government, 2010). In the UK e-recruitment is a lot more advanced than in other countries, and it will continue to grow, as it is a cost effective process allowing all companies to fill their job vacancies with the best candidates. As previously mentioned the use of internet technology, such as blogs, wikis, video clips, podcasting and social networking sites will be used on a large scale to improve and aid HR and recruitment. This may lead to a reduction in the amount of administrative HR jobs, but will also lead to an increase in HR jobs for technology expertise (Byron, 2009). Appendix 2 shows the facts and figures of how much each recruitment method is used. It suggests that the method to grow the largest over the previous three years is both personal networks and recruitment agencies. However, online job boards and newspaper advertising continue to be the most popular method of job searching (Jobsite, 2010).

More and more recruitment sites and company websites are using online testing services to get more knowledge on a candidate’s technical skills. Most people feel that the online tests will not replace face-to-face interviews but they will complement them as the results could be used to create questions for the real life interview. A large number of recruitment companies are taking full advantages of the online testing assessments, by using them to find passive applicants, who have put their CV online in the past, but are now not actively trying to find a job (Whizlabs, 2010). A study by Recruitsoft/iLogos Research of 50 Fortune 500 companies revealed that the average company posting jobs on the internet rather than in newspapers cut its hiring cycle by six days of 43 days, another four days by switching to on-line applications rather than paper ones, and more than a week by...
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