Model of Filipino Values

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S SYSTEM OR VALUES REFERS TO THE SET OF VALUES OR THE VALUES SYSTEM THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE FILIPINO HAVE HISTORICALLY HELD important in their lives. These Philippine value system includes their own unique assemblage of consistent ideologies moral codes ethical practices etiquette and cultural and personal values that are promoted by their society though the values that an individual holds sacred can defer on the basis of religion upbringing and other factors.


Philosophical basis 
Filipino values are for the most part centered at maintaining social harmony motivated primarily by the desire to be accepted w/in the group the main sanctions against the diverging from these values are the concept of ‘hiya’ roughly translated as a sense of shame and ‘amor propio’ or self esteem. Social approval acceptance by a group and belonging to a group are major concerns. Caring about what others will think say or do are strong influences on social behavior among Filipinos. According to the anthropologists LEONARDO MERCADO the Filipino worldview is basically nondualistic.based on his linguistic analysis of Filipino value terms like loob (Cebuano buot ),he includes that Filipinos desire harmony not only in interpersonal relationships but also with nature and religion while still remaining nondichotomous.

Joenalyn & mayeth

Models of the Filipino values 
F.landa jocano identified two models of the Filipino value system.the first is the exogenous model or the foreign model,while the second is the indigenous model of the traditional model .the foreign model is described to be a “legal and formal”model while the indigenous model is described as a “traditional and non formal’model or guide but is deeply embedded in the subconscious of the Filipinos.the foreign model was inherited by Filipinos from western cultures,particularly from the Spaniards and the Americans.

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