Mkt 310

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Consumer behaviour Pages: 14 (2798 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Overview & Objectives

Marketing 310, Consumer Behavior, is the study of consumer behavior from a theoretical and practical standpoint. The course seeks to understand the role of the behavioral sciences (e.g., anthropology, sociology, psychology) in buying behavior and to integrate the theoretical world of the behavioral sciences with the practical world of marketing. Social, interpersonal, and mediating influences are examined and evaluated as a basis for marketing decisions.

Learning Objectives

After the successful completion of this course, students will:

← To gain an understanding of the theories and concepts of consumer and buyer behavior.

← To apply consumer and buyer behavior concepts to better explain and understand what customers do

← To improve skills in the research and analysis of customers.

← To use knowledge of consumer and buyer behavior to make better company and consumer decisions.

Writing and Information Literacy Objectives

← To develop and improve the writing skills necessary to be effective in the practice of marketing

← To build writing skills in different genres and styles of marketing communications

← To be able to adapt the style of writing to fit the audience

← To improve the ability to edit one’s own writing and the writing of others

← To enhance information literacy by improving skills of accessing, evaluating and utilizing a variety of online and offline sources

Nature of the Class

Classes involve lectures, discussions, and small group exercises, writing and information literacy activities, and student presentations. Students are required to attend class, participate, contribute to discussions, and check the class Blackboard site regularly for course information and announcements. Students are encouraged to access the resources of the Writing Center (2S-216; phone #:718-982-3635).

Course Materials

Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, 10th Edition, Michael R. Solomon Publication Date: January 6, 2012 | ISBN-10: 0132671840 | ISBN-13: 978-0132671842 | Publisher: Prentice Hall


Course Grade Components

Your grade for this course is based on four components: (1) 30% is based on the average of your scores on two required Exams; (2) 20% comes from MyMarketingLab Post-Tests; (3) 10% comes from group case presentation; and (4) 10% comes from class attendance and participation.

|Component |Effort |Number |Objectives |Weight | |Exams |Individual |2 |Develops and assesses ability to identify and apply |= 40% | | | | |consumer behavior concepts and theories. | | |Segmentation/Brand Analysis |Individual |1 |Develops skills in researching and presenting as a |= 15% | |Consulting Presentation | | |marketing consultant, using multiple information | | | | | |sources. The presentation requires PPT and must | | | | | |include an agenda and supporting figures or | | | | | |diagrams. | | |Group Research Paper |Group |1 |Develops team-work skills and builds writing skills |= 40% | | | | |for: summarizing prior research and identifying |...
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