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Current Location .HFall 2012 UNIV 1301 71 Intro To Collegiate Studies Assignments Review Test Submission: Midterm Review . .
Question 1 .2 out of 2 points

Transformative learning is the process of
Selected Answer: a.
a process of examining, questioning, validating, and revising personal perceptions.
. Question 2 .2 out of 2 points

FOCUS describes four C-factors of intrinsic motivation. They are Answer
Selected Answer: b.
curiosity, control, career outlook, challenge.

. Question 3 .2 out of 2 points

Doing your academic work because you want to earn good grades and accumulate credits are examples of Answer
Selected Answer: d.
extrinsic motivation.

. Question 4 .2 out of 2 points

Participating in a First-Year Experience course:
Selected Answer: b.
has statistically significant and substantial, positive effects on transition to college.
. Question 5 .2 out of 2 points

Selected Answer: d.
disrupts your productivity, ability to focus, and learning.
. Question 6 .2 out of 2 points

Luis is a new first-year student. His belief is that "Individuals have a certain amount of intelligence, and can't really do much to change it." According to chapter one of FOCUS, Luis is a ____. Answer

Selected Answer: d.

. Question 7 .2 out of 2 points

Hannah is a single parent who works two jobs for a total of 50 hours per week. According to FOCUS, Answer
Selected Answer: a.
this fact about her won't determine her college success, but it is an example of a the kinds of problems that can interfere.
. Question 8 .0 out of 2 points

Challenge ® Reaction ® Insight ® Action are the steps described in chapter one of FOCUS as Answer
Selected Answer: c.
a fool-proof learning process.

. Question 9 .2 out of 2 points

Gaining greater understanding of who encourages you in college, who asks how you are doing, and which of your friends value academic success are all examples of Answer
Selected Answer: a.
developing a personal support system.

. Question 10 .2 out of 2 points

FOCUS advises that ____ can lead to "sacrificing the self-discipline required for in-depth study." Answer
Selected Answer: d.

. Question 11 .2 out of 2 points

Monique's mother has suggested that Monique earn a degree in business. Although Monique is interested in business, she really wants to become an actress. Which of the following is the best plan of action for Monique? Answer

Selected Answer: b.
Taking business, theater, and general education classes her first year so that she can see where her strengths and interests really lie.
. Question 12 .2 out of 2 points

Characteristics of an effective college success plan should include Answer
Selected Answer: b.
self-exploration and knowledge of why you chose to attend or return to college; a specific career goal or willingness to explore possibilities; a desire to improve the quality of your life; motivation to fulfill a commitment.

. Question 13 .2 out of 2 points

According to chapter one of FOCUS:
Selected Answer: c.
both ability and effort are important.

. Question 14 .2 out of 2 points

Crystal is immobilized by fear of making mistakes in her math class. What's the best course of action for her? Answer
Selected Answer: d.
She should realize that increasing her effort can help her succeed and devote more time to her math class.
. Question 15 .2 out of 2 points

According to the text, the ability to learn is
Selected Answer: c.
enhanced by physical exercise.

. Question 16 .2 out of 2 points

The VARK, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and SuccessTypes Learning Style Type Indicator are Answer
Selected Answer: b.
assessments that provide you information about your learning style.
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