Influences of Students Success

Topics: High school, Psychology, Education Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: July 22, 2010
Influences of Students’ Success
Does the students’ behavior affect their academic success? I think that a person’s behavior or habits does affect their academic success. I will provide information that proves that behavior does have effects on a student’s success. I think the easiest way to communicate my findings is to list them briefly in point form. I’m going to take time and space to list these because other students may be interested in these details. I will discuss the main findings and their implications below and if you want to skip these individual findings I will understand (Morgan Chityo).

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons that a student does not have good academic success. Procrastination is defined as putting a certain task off until a certain deadline arrives. Such as, if a student has to have a report or speech done by a certain date and has known for three weeks but delays in getting it done until the day before it is due. Doing this usually results in a bad grade for that paper, which could bring the student’s overall grade down to not passing. In my own experience with this problem, I have found it is easier to just do the work after you find out it is due rather than waiting until the last day. Such as, I had a buddy in high school that would hear about the assignment and would delay in getting it done till the day it was due. Yet, he would complain that he never had enough time to do the work required to complete the assignment.

Personality is also another reason that students’ might not have good academic success. A personality is a person attitude or persona that they show to everyone around them. An example is, the more self-disciplined and cooperative students are, the more time they spend on homework and the more emotionally stable students are the less time they spend on homework. Or, if a student is depressed because of the events that have happened in their life, they may be too distracted by those events to focus...
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