Criminal Law

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W. E. B. DuBois invites all readers, regardless of ethnic background, to consider his proposition (quoted in your Lecture Notes) that the "color-line" will constitute the "problem of the Twentieth Century." By the way, you have just passed another turn of centuries, from the 20th to the 21st. From your "modern" perspective, do you feel that DuBois's statement is still valid today? Do you find that DuBois was correct in his prediction that issues of "race" and "ethnicity" would be at the center of American social, political and artistic developments? Or do you find that the interaction between "minorities" and "majorities" in the United States has taken on a lesser or different role than that which DuBois predicted? Write a formal, 5-paragraph essay in response to this question. Base your answer on your own observations - as well as on your assigned reading this week and next. Important Note. Your Introduction, Thesis, and Outline for the essay are due this week. The essay itself is due Week 02. Please follow these steps:

1.Skim through DuBois' essay and the assigned readings. Take notes that focus on the topic of "color-line" as the "problem of the Twentieth Century." Highlight or copy sections you may want to quote, summarize or paraphrase in your own writing. As you study and take notes, keep in mind that your goal for this writing assignment is to make a focused, independent argument of your own. Aim to develop your own ideas but also draw on the readings. Be specific, use examples. Again, do not just state an opinion but back up all statements you make with researched facts and observations. As you know, your study of texts is the important research component of any writing you do. In this case, look for at least three ideas voiced in the readings to include in the finished essay. You can quote directly, summarize or paraphrase these ideas. In each case, you need to cite in-text in correct APA format. You also need to add an APA style reference page....
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