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I.Mission Statement
Floatea aims to satisfy the taste of Milk Tea lovers
To earn at least 20% more of profit monthly.
To create a Facebook page and Twitter account and get 1,000 likes from people and 500 followers. To create at least 5 new fruit flavors of Milk Tea.
To create a healthier float that health conscious people can enjoy III.SWOT Analysis
Milk Tea is the newest food trend today.
Our product gives Milk Tea a twist.
Our product offers numerous health benefits.
Doesn’t require a lot of manpower

Limited capital
The ice cream on top of the Milk Tea easily melts.
Owners doesn’t have much experience.

Our product has a huge type market potential.
We’ll open stalls in schools since our target market are students. Add variety of ice cream flavors.

There a lot competitors that are already known than our product. There will be other store that would offer better variation. We don’t have direct supplier so we buy our raw materials at a higher price

IV.Marketing Strategy
A.Target Market
Floatea’s target market to female who are ages 17-20 years old, single and student. Floatea is meant for all the users in higher or upper class. Psychographic
On the basis of psychographic, Floatea has targeted the people who are Milk Tea lovers who wants to experience and try something new about Milk Tea. Also, Floatea has targeted people who loves ice cream. Milk Tea and ice cream all in one! Technographic

People who uses social-networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter. B.Marketing Mix
Floatea offers Milk Tea Floats, 120 ml of size with different varieties of tea flavors which are Royal, Hazelnut, & Wintermelon. We also offer different varieties of ice cream flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Floatea’s Milk Tea Floats come with different kinds of add-ons, namely, Nata de...
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