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AAA Wine/Spirits

Marketing Plan – AAA Wine/Spirits Expansion

Table of Contents

Executive Summary4

Company Description5

Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Values 6

Core Competencies7

Situation Analysis9


Target Market12

Action Plan13

The Marketing Mix14
Product Strategy15
Distribution Strategy15
Promotion Strategy16
Pricing Strategy18

Customer and Supplier Relationship Management18

Budget and Monitoring19

Summary and Conclusion21

List of References23

Table of Figures / Charts

Action Plan14

Invoice Sales $14

First Year Budget 19


AAA Wine/Spirits vision is to be the leading distributor of beverage alcohol and create superior value for all tiers of the industry. We have achieved this vision by embracing a mission of providing superior business solutions that drive growth and value for customers and suppliers alike through our national scale, state-level share, local market intelligence and brand-building expertise.

In backing this mission and vision with deeds, AAA has invested heavily in its people, its operations, and its technological capabilities, all of which add value to the three-tier distribution system—a legal system under which wine, spirits and beer pass from the manufacturer/supplier (first tier) to the distributor (second tier) and on to either the retailer or restaurateur (third tier). AAA is committed to customer service as well as performing at the highest levels of professionalism and marketing creativity.

Having successfully established its wine and spirits distribution business in 10 States, AAA is now looking to initiate operations in California. Beginning in March 2011, AAA will offer statewide distribution of wine and spirits merchandise based on an exclusive distribution contract with suppliers such as XXX Spirits, YYY Wines and ZZZ USA. Distribution operations will be initiated from a state-of-the-art warehouse in San Diego, California with a sales office in neighboring San Francisco.

AAA will leverage its reputation for successfully building brands and promoting premium wine and spirits brands to secure a major share of the California wine and spirits distribution market. From a marketing perspective, AAA will use its tried and tested strategy of promoting On-Premise sales to drive sales for Off-Premise customers. AAA will hire and train its sales staff in California to be the best-in-industry with a “Most feet on the Street” guarantee, promising maximized brand exposure. Integrated Marketing Communications will be used to first create awareness of the products and build interest in the benefits provided by AAA Wine/Spirits. A mix of traditional and customized marketing techniques like E-selling, direct one-on-one marketing, marketing programs and promotions will be used to communicate AAA product and value offering. Competitive high/low pricing with appropriate discounting will be employed to penetrate and dominate the California wine and spirits market. Customer Loyalty Rewards programs and other incentives will be offered to build and strengthen its relationships with its customers in California.

A successful launch of AAA’s distribution business in California is projected to bring in invoice sales of approximately $118 Million for the year 2011 and is expected to break even in the third quarter of 2012. AAA expects to achieve a yearly goal of 20% increase in invoice sales. Monthly and quarterly sales growth targets will be tracked and adjustments will be made to the marketing and promotion strategies as needed.

The ultimate goal for AAA Wine/Spirits is to establish itself as the No. 1 choice for wine and spirits suppliers and to be the one-stop-shop for wine and spirits customers in the State of California.


Since its founding in 1997,...
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