Marketing Management 2012 Exam

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| Marketing Tourism and Hospitality Faculty of Business, Economics and Law| | Marketing Management/MKT5MMA|
| Subject Learning GuideSemester 12013Bundoora Subject Coordinator: Associate Prof Clare D’SouzaInstance Coordinator:Professor Gillian Sullivan-Mort| | ENQUIRIESDr. Clare D’SouzaAssociate ProfessorLa Trobe UniversityVictoria 3083| T03 9479 1232F03 94791549| Table of Contents

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Subject Details
Subject Code:| MKT5MMA| Subject Title:| Marketing Management| Teaching Period:| Semester| Location(s):| Melbourne|
Credit Points:| 15| Mode:| Face to Face| Level:| Post Graduate|

Prerequisites:| Admission into LMMM or enrolled in a postgraduate course| Co-requisites:| Nil|
Assumed Skills & Knowledge:| Advanced communication skills| Special Study Requirements:| Reading recommended articles|

(Repeat last three rows if SLG is for more than one instance or delete last three rows if there is no instance. Please delete this instruction) STAFF CONTACTS|
Subject Coordinator:| Associate Professor Clare D’Souza| Email:|| Tel:| 03-94791232|
Location:| 318 Donald White Building, La Trobe University, Bundoora| Instance Coordinator:| Professor Gillian Sullivan-Mort|
Email:|| Tel:| 03-94791318| Location:| 313 Donald White Building, La Trobe University, Bundoora | Lecture | Tanvir Ahmed Tel: 03- 94792566 | Email||

In this subject students will learn to develop an ability to understand and interpret the role of marketing management in a business setting. Issues relating to market orientation are examined across a variety of different industry sectors and explicated in terms of contemporary marketing theory and practice. The key components of the marketing management planning and control process are outlined, including analysis of the marketing environment; marketing strategy formulation the design and implementation of the marketing plan, including decisions relating to the marketing mix. This course provides an understanding of the role of marketing within organisations and addresses how to design and implement the best combination of marketing efforts to carry out a firm's strategy in its target markets. Specifically, this course allows students to build foundational marketing skills, apply current theories and concepts in effectively marketing and to define target customers from a domestic and global perspective. Marketing is critically examined from the perspective of the consumer, economy, technology, legal/political issues and ethical/social responsibility|

Upon successful completion of this subject, you should be able to:| SILO1| Integrate and apply marketing theory and skills to practical situations by carrying out effective and accurate evidence based research. | SILO2| Identify, research and critically analyse information relevant to an organizational problem or issue, be able to synthesise that information in order to evaluate potential solutions, develop programs and make recommendations or otherwise effectively addressing the problem or issue.| SILO3| Communicate effectively...
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