Managment Report

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Management Report Topics

1. Many companies are touting the benefits of various forms of employee participation in management decisions. An example of this is self-managed project teams. You've been asked to investigate the most popular methods. What criteria should be established to evaluate these methods? After you've evaluated each method, provide your recommendation for the best one.

2. Hiring disabled workers has been described as a practice that employers should consider more often, given the need for skilled knowledge workers. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of hiring disabled employees. Offer recommendations.

3. Your company is opening a branch in another country (your choice). You've been asked to review and analyze what other companies have done to prepare their managers for such a move. In addition, you must come up with a detailed plan for selecting and training these managers.

4. You are part of a corporate management team that is discussing Bob Heller's promotion to the head of new division. Bob has been a loyal employee, working his way up through the corporate ranks. The team feels strongly about this candidate, but it realizes that he does have potential weaknesses. Because the team wants Bob to succeed, it asks you to investigate firms like the Center for Creative Leadership and Personnel Decisions International, which offer training programs for up-and-coming managers. Evaluate the services offered by these — or other — management-skills services to determine which one would best serve Bob's needs. Offer recommendations.

5. Numerous articles suggest that company wellness plans cut firms’ healthcare costs. You're intrigued, but not totally sold. Surely these plans must have disadvantages as well. You decide to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of wellness plans. It might help to get a sense of how rank-and-file employees feel about these plans and reviewing the published materials. Do the advantages really...
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