List Some Possible Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Computer Technology for Managerial Decision Making?

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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List some possible advantages & disadvantages of using computer technology for managerial decision making? It is understandable that using computer technology in our decision making process generally solve the decision problem at hand while it also have some limitation which technology can’t address. Here under are some advantages and disadvantages of using computer technology in decision making. One advantages of using computer technology is; the capacity of computer to maintain different data and processing them to useful information for the decision making is much more higher than that of using human brain .Even some complex equations that helps decisions can easily 3.

be stored , remembered and easily calculated to extract helpful information for decision making . Furthermore computer technology can process the data accurately with a better speed than human brain. But we can take the cost of buying computer technology (hardware) and useful software and associated high maintenance costs with upgrading costs of software, (NB: technology is continuously advancing from time to time) ,as disadvantage of using computer technology in decision making. We can also take diminished employee moral as a disadvantage of using computer technology in decision making, Managers feels that their decision making skill is not seen important by the organization they are leading. In addition in some decision making a rational thinking and subjectivity is necessary but computer technology can’t make this rationality and subjectivity rather an objective result will come from the actual data processed ignoring these important factors. Before finalizing discussing the question we can point out that in a programmed decision making use of computer technology can be considered very important as all or most of the information required by the decision makers are known for certain or with some degree of uncertainty(Risk) But in the case of non programmed decision use of computer...
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