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Topics: Brain, Human brain, Neuron Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Ted Talk about Mind Control
People’s communication with machines have been limited to conscious and direct forms. We need to give the command to turn on the lights we use simple structures or even as complex as programming robots. On the other hand, Communication between people is very complex and interesting because we take into account more than evidently expressed. Our conversation with another person, facial gestures, body language and we can detect feelings and emotions from our dialogue with another person. . In fact, this is a large part of the decision-making process. Purpose is to introduce computers in the interaction between people. In this way, the computers can understand not only what you direct it to do. The best way to do this, Center of our brain do these process.

It sounds like a good idea but It is not easy to do this for two reasons: First, the detection algorithm. We have thousands neurons. Nerve cells is the total 170.000 km. When these neurons interact, electrical emphasizes the chemical reaction occurs. Large part of our brain functions, distributed from outer layer of our brain. The surface of our brain has layer structure for Intelligence as much as possible to increase the capacity. Each person's cortex is folded in different ways, it's like fingerprints. So, even if the signals of the brain comes from the same part, incurring the brain structure over time, it can be very different from the physical location of individuals, even identical twins. The largest aim was to create an algorithm that open up the cortex, so that we can map signals closer to its source, and therefore making it competent of working across a mass population. The second major difficulty, is an instrument used to measure brain waves. This is called EEG. A operator will put the electrodes onto the scalp using a permeable gel or paste and usually after a system of preparing the scalp by light abrasion. These processes take a long time. Most importantly, this system...
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