Healthy Sexuality

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Healthy Sexuality 305 Book Review / Critic Liberty University
Spring 2011

Rosetta Melton Introduction2
From the beginning of time as we know it, man has been preoccupied with the act of sex and his own sexuality. In the Garden, Adam and Eve, after their consumption of the forbidden fruit their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked. Much to their shock, their sexual organs were exposed causing them to hide from God. The emotions of shame and guilt were their first response Adam and Eve expressed. God asked them ‘who told you were naked’. God gave Adam & Eve fig leaves to cover their nakedness. From this point to now the stigma surrounding sexuality has remained mostly negative in most arenas, but our sexuality is a gift from God. During the period of creation, God created and it was good, this was also the same when God created man and women And God blessed them. There are approximately over a billion nerves in the human body and the penis possesses 4,000 nerves while the clitoris only has half as many as the penis. These statics are all estimates because it is impossible to accurately count how many nerve endings exist in a human body at one time. Our bodies are constantly changing, old nerves are dying and new ones are being formed and clustering together to transmit our senses. Our nerves give us a sense of expressions to feel love, joy, and sexual pleasure. Taking a walk through the park with your spouse, a stroll along the beach, holding hands as you two cuddle on the couch are good ways to have fun. Spending quality time together will allow you and your mate to feel free with each other and provide time to tackle barriers that make prevent you from being free with each other. ‘Just because a certain kind of touch is stimulating to you does not ensure the same will be true for your spouse. Each person needs to be his or her own authority on what is pleasurable or stimulating. That is why it works best for each person to go after his or her own desire. It takes the guesswork out of the experience.’ ‘There is nothing wrong with a person who has a greater or lesser need for sex than his or her spouse. Such a variation is not necessarily the result of life experiences or how one was raised. Our differences

reflect that each of us was uniquely and wonderfully made. Just as people vary in their need for food or activities or hobbies, people will have a greater or lesser drive for sexual activity.’ ‘Even though God through the scriptures sends a positive message about human sexuality, many of our fears and inhibitions about sex have been connected with God, which may make it difficult to invite God into our sexual experiences.’ ‘God is in the bedroom – whether you invite him there or not. Your body id designed for pleasure – whether you let it experience pleasure or not. Sexuality Is a Gift from God

Much of what is learned about sexuality initially comes through exposure to the public

media, in the school yard or in a pornographic magazine found in someone private stash. Yet

when God created man He created male and female and they were naked! Naked! In every sense

of the word Naked! They were naked physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually naked

without shame, guilt or fear. After the Adam and Eve’s eyes where opened the offence of failing

God bought on shame and guilt that has attached itself to the gift of sexuality that was pure prior

to the fall of man. When God created male and female, He created them in His image in the

likeness of Him. Sexuality was designed for a male and female. “The first command given to

man was to become one. This is sexual function and the second...
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