Level 2

Topics: Infectious disease, Hygiene, Public health Pages: 9 (1506 words) Published: December 13, 2012

Outcome 1 understand roles and responsibilities in the prevention and control of infections

1.1 Explain employees’ roles and responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection

* To ensure that their own health and hygiene does not pose a risk to service users and colleagues.

* To ensure effective hand washing is carried out when working with service users, giving personal care, handling/preparing food.

* To ensure they use protective clothing provided when needed and appropriate.

* Attend relevant courses

* Report any hazards that could lead to infection

1.2 Explain employers responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control infection

* Making sure employees are aware of the health and safety aspects of their work.

* Regular and appropriate training.

* The need to keep records in relation to infection control using appropriate documentation.

* To ensure that the relevant standards, policies and guidelines are available within the work place.

* Produce relevant risk assessments in order to reduce or eliminate infection risks

Outcome 2 Understand legislation and policies relating to prevention and control of infections

2.1 Outline current legislation and regulatory body standards which are relevant to the prevention and control of infection

* The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

* Food Safety Act 1990

* Reporting Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations (RIDDOR) 1995

* The Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1998

* Controls Assurance Standards – HSC 2000/02

* Medicines and Health Care Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

* Standards for Better Health 2006

2.2 Describe local and organisational policies relevant to the prevention and control of infection

* The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984

* Social Care Act

* Companies Policies and Procedures that relate to infection prevention and control

Outcome 3 Understand systems and procedures relating to the prevention and control of Infections

3.1 Describe procedures and systems relevant to the prevention and control of infection

* To follow company’s policies and procedures which relate to correct hand washing procedures, wearing the correct PPE, for example gloves and aprons, the correct disposal of waste and using the correct cleaning equipment when cleaning spillages, surfaces and equipment act.

3.2 Explain the potential impact of an outbreak of infection on the individual and the organisation

Impact on the individual-
* Short or long term illness

* Secondary conditions or further complications

* Depression

* Loss of trust in setting

* Death

Impact on the organisation-
* Sanctions

* Loss of reputation and trust

* Closure

* Prosecution

Outcome 4 Understand the importance of risk assessment in relation to the prevention and Control of infections

4.1 Define the term risk

* This is a situation, action or event that may cause harm or damage

4.2 Outline potential risks of infection within the workplace

* Not washing hands
* Not cleaning equipment
* Not wearing correct PPE
* Not disposing of waste safely

4.3 Describe the process of carrying out a risk assessment

* Identify the hazards
* Decide who might be harmed and how
* Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions
* Record findings and implement them
* Review assessment and update if necessary

4.4 Explain the importance of carrying out a risk assessment

* The...
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