Lesson Plan in Music Iii

Topics: Musical instrument, Percussion instrument, Jazz Pages: 4 (496 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Rosario, Pasig City
Feb. 27, 2013
I. Objectives
1. Describe the different musical instruments of Latin America. 2. Recognize visually and aurally the different musical instruments of Latin America. 3. Perform a rhythmic pattern with the accompaniment of improvised Latin American instruments. 4. Appreciate Latin American music through their group performance.

II. Content
A. TOPIC: Instruments of Latin America
B. MATERIALS: Cartolina, Projector, Pictures, Laptop, Speaker, USB C. REFERENCE: Enjoy Life with MUSIC and ARTS, by Lugue and Jacinto, Jr., pp. 88-92

III. Procedure
A. Preliminary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Checking of Attendance
4. Checking of Assignments
5. Energizer: Class singing
B. Review
“Listening Activities”
* With the aid of speaker and USB, the teacher will let the students listen to different Latin American musical style. * The students will then identify the musical style.
1. Rumba
2. Calypso
3. Merengue
4. Tango
5. Salsa

* The moment you heard the music, what comes into your mind? * How will you interpret the music of Latin America?
C. Motivation
“Guess Who!”
* The teacher will show a collage of Latin American artists. The students will guess the name of the artists. * If the students successfully guessed the name of the character, a piece of the puzzle will be gone until the final picture with the topic will appear. D. Development of the Lesson

* ACTIVITY # 1: “Picture Parade”
* Selected students from the class will be showing different Latin American instruments. After showing the pictures, each student will tell something about the musical instruments they are holding. IDIOPHONES

Bongo DrumsCongo Drums
Steel Drums
Puerto Rican CuatroCharango
* Follow-up...
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