Language Assessment - Future Perfect & Continuous

Topics: Time, Future, Past Pages: 3 (430 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Language Analysis:
When teaching a grammar or function lesson, submit this LA sheet with your lesson plan.

|Target Language: (write the target sentence/s from the lesson here) | |She will have cooked supper by the time I get home. | |This time next month, I will be cooking a lot. | |Meaning: (try to state this in student-friendly language) | |To talk about future events, that will be completed before a definite time, or will be in progress at a definite time, in the future. | |Context / Conveying Meaning: (state the context and how you will convey meaning) | |Me – while on this course, my girlfriend has kindly said that she will cook every night, so, „by the time i get home, she... (try to elicit TL | |but give it if no-one offers it) will have cooked supper.“ (Future Perfect) | |When I have finished my course in a few weeks, I would like to repay her by cooking for her. So, „this time next month, I... (elicit TL) will | |be cooking a lot“. (Future Continuous) | |Checking understanding: (timelines, concept questions, etc) | |Pair the correct timeline to each phrase | |Future Perfect:...
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