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Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Physiology Pages: 4 (876 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Chapter 9 Study Questions and Activities

1.What are the ABCs that kinesiologists in sport and exercise psychology study? Identify questions that kinesiologists in this area might study based on these ABCs. Affect-emotion, Behavior-actions, Cognitions-thoughts

2.What was significant about Coleman Griffith’s early work in sport psychology? Why did the subdiscipline not emerge again until the 1960s?

Who's Coleman Griffith?
Professor at the Univ. of Illinois, he engaged in the 1st systematic examination of the psychological aspects of sport (1919-1938) He established the athletic research library at Illinois, and published numerous research articles and wrote 2 classic books. Psychology in Coaching in 1926, Psychology and Athletic in 1928. "Prophet without Deciples"

What happened in the 1960s?
Reawakening of sport psychology, trait personality studies were conducted, national and international organizations were formed

3.Identify the six methods used in sport and exercise psychology and provide one example of how each method is used in the subdiscipline.

2. motivation
3. energy management
4. interpersonal and group processes
5. developmental concerns
6. intervention techniques for PA enhancement

4.Does sport build character? Why or why not? Does exercise participation improve mental health? If so, how? Effect of sport on personality: sport in itself does not build character; moral development and prosocial behaviors must be modeled and created in the structure of the program. Effect of exercise on personality: exercise has been shown to produce several benefits including enhanced self-concept and psychological well-being and decreased anxiety and depression.

5.Explain why intrinsic motivation is a better source of motivation than extrinsic motivation. How can leaders in both exercise and sport contexts enhance intrinsic motivation in participants? Developing intrinsic. Using extrinsic rewards to enhance...
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