Juran's Triology

Topics: Management, Quality assurance, Measurement Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Juran's Trilogy

Prepared By :
Kareem Ahmed Daabees
Under supervision of :
Dr. Mahmmoud Mohammad EL-Damaty

Managing for quality consists of three basic quality-oriented processes:
quality planning,
quality control, and
quality improvement.
The role of quality planning is to design a process that will be able to meet established goals under operating conditions. The role of quality control is to operate and when necessary correct the process so that it performs with optimal effectiveness. The role of quality improvement is to devise ways to take the process to unprecedented levels of performance.

1. Quality Planning

Quality planning stems from a unity of purpose that spans all functions of an organization. The subject of planning can be anything -- an engineering process for designing new products, a production process for making goods, or a service process for responding to customer requests. Quality Planning involves:

* Identifying customers, both internal and external
* Determining their needs
* Specifying the product features that satisfy those needs at minimum cost. * Designing the processes that can reliably produce those features. * Proving that the process can achieve its goals under operating conditions.

2. Quality Control

The process of managing operations to meet quality goals.
The process of Quality Control involves:
* Choosing control subjects
* Choosing units of measurement
* Establishing a measurement procedure
* Measuring
* Interpreting differences between measurement and goal.
* Taking action to correct significant differences

3. Quality Improvement

Assuming the process is under control, any waste that occurs must be inherent in the design of the process. The object of quality improvement is to reduce chronic waste to a much lower level. The steps in Quality Improvement:

* Prove the need for improvement
* Identify specific projects for improvement
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