Journal Entry Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Childhood Obesity Journal
Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic. However many aspects need to be considered in order to help any child who is overweight. Children that are overweight need to be assessed to determine if the weight problem is due to psychological issues, or lack of nutrition and physical activity. Once the causing factor is determined the proper steps can be taken to help the child and the family to live a healthy happy life. Growing up I enjoyed home cooked meals, and I was very active. My mother always encouraged my brothers and me to go outside and play even on the cold snowing days. In today’s society it is not as easy because in most cases both parents are working so going out to eat and eating already prepared meals from the freezer is a normal routine. Eating habits have changed over the years to unhealthy habits and children are no longer as active due to video games and television. Due to the unhealthy eating habits and inactivity children are becoming obese at a much earlier age than ever before. Not only do unhealthy eating and inactive children have problem with obesity but also some children suffer from psychological issues which can cause weight problems too. When a child suffers from psychological issues he or she hides from the problem. When an individual hides from the psychological issues they often find comfort in food which makes them feel happy. I have always had a sweet tooth but I have learned that you cannot indulge yourself in junk food. In most cases people can eat whatever they choose as long as they control their portions and do not over- do it. I learned that cooking home cooked meals is much cheaper but also gives me more time with my children. We sit down and eat together and I also involve them as often as I can to help me cook. My children are also very active because I have chosen not to purchase video games for them to hide behind all the time. I will continue to teach my children that being outside and being...
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