Job Placement Mid-Term Review

Topics: Employment, Interview, Recruitment Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Length of Resume: “the length depends upon the message”
Rationale for Education First on resume: “ticket to a job” Why do you think you would like to work in a ____ rehabilitation job? : Tune your answer to the job/ concrete/specific…show competence. Compare career-related experiences with job. Camp counselor experience. Be able to Describe an Informational Interivew: Pre-approach research. First, the purpose of information interviewing is to discover where you fit – where you can make a contribution and find satisfaction. Second, to get a job offer, you must impress employers favorably. Third, interviewing is something of a poker game. Through information interviewing, you can get an employer to lay down his cards before you show yours. Fourth, look at work to learn more about yourself and to understand the employer, and , if there is a fit, steer the interview so that the fit becomes obvious to the employer. Fifth, the search for a job and a career is a game. Sixth, information interviewing, unlike the inquisition, is fun. Good answer – bad answer for Traditional Interview: The type of answer you should give follows the same guidelines as you followed in providing personal information in your resume. 1) Previously met, if you have met or seen the interviewer before or heard any favorable comments about him, tell him so. 2) Common friend, if you know someone who works in the company or who knows the interviewer, mention him since this establishes a common acquaintance. 3) Hobbies and special interests, tell him what your hobbies or special interests are especially if they are job-related. 4) Clubs and organizations, this tells what kind of person you are, and it is possible that he belongs to one of them or has in the past or has a family member who does. 5) Personal stability, mention any facts about yourself that indicate personal stability and trustworthiness. Owning a home indicates your desire to stay in the area, as does your having lived in the area a...
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