Job Analysis

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Job Analysis

Job analysis is the first step in designing and implementing a compensation system. The objective in completing a job analysis is to identify the content of the job, the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the job successfully and the conditions under which the job is performed.

Job analysis may be defined as systematic detailed study of jobs, consisting of identifying and examining what is required of the person assigned to the job and the elements and characteristics of the job.

Job analysis is a systematic process for collecting, documenting and analyzing information in order to describe jobs and sometimes the job duties, workers requirements, and the job context or working conditions. Job analysis is a systematic exposition of the activities within a job. It is scientific method to define the duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities of a job. It involves the identification and description of what is happening on the job and also the skills and qualifications of personnel needed for the job. Job analysis may also defined as an examination of the jobs in an organization with a view to documenting the knowledge, skills, and abilities ( KSAs) associated with successful performance of those jobs. Knowledge is the body of information, usually of a factual or procedural nature that allows individual to perform a task successfully. Skill is the individual’s levels of proficiency or competency in performing a specific task. Level of competency is typically expressed in numerical terms. Abilities are more general, enduring traits or capabilities an individual possesses at the time when he or she begins to perform task. Competencies are any knowledge, skills, traits, motive, attitudes, values, or other personal characteristics that is essential to perform the job and that differentiates superior from solid performance.

The analysis often is conducted by interviews, by direct observation, or by the use of questionnaire completed by person currently holding the job and their immediate supervisors. The analysis focused on the following questions: Who does the work?

What is done?
When is it done?
How is it done?
Why is it done?

Some major issues in job analysis:-
( Analysis for what purpose
( What in formation to collect.
( How to collect information
( Who should be involved
( Usefulness of remits.

Importance of Job analysis:

Job analysis provides a foundation for carrying out many HRM responsibility like:- 1. Work redesign.
2. Human resources planning.
3. Selection.
4. Training.
5. Performance appraisal.
6. Career planning.
7. Job evaluation.
8. Comply with rules & regulations.
9. Job analysis helps supervisors and other managers carryout their duties.

Job Content refers to the actual activities that employees must perform in the job. Job content descriptions may be broad, general statements of job activities or detailed descriptions of duties and tasks performed in the job. Workers Requirements represent the minimum qualifications and skills that people must have to perform a particular job. Such requirements usually include education, experience, licenses, permits, and specific abilities and skills such as typing, drafting, or editing. Working Condition are the social context or physical environment where work will be performed Physical Environment vary along several dimensions, based on the level of noise and possible exposure to hazardous factors, including hazardous chemicals, work equipments etc. Steps in Job Analysis Process

a) Determine the purposes of job analysis: The purpose of job analysis must be clearly specified. This help the analyst to conduct job analysis concentrating toward the objective of the program. b) Determine the job analysis program : A company must decide between using an established system or developing its own system tailored to specific requirements. Both established and custom job...
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