Jack Carlisle Cio

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Jack Carlisle, CIO 
IZL is a growing financial services organization and there has been a sudden replacement of the CEO of the company. This lead the company in a state of turmoil and employees are uncertain about their job. Jack Carlisle was hired to organize the IT infrastructure in IZL. IT was not well managed in IZL to align it with the business strategy and a lot of restructuring was required. There was lack of infrastructure for applications as well as regulatory purposes. Physical infrastructure was not properly managed and people in the organization are not able to cope up with the growth in the company. IZL itself as an organization has many internal issues ranging from absence of proper business strategy to conflict amongst the business leaders. With new competitors entering into the market and lack of integrated business objectives with IT, the profits of the company have eroded and as a result, the stocks have plummeted. There is a need for the collaborative effort to put proper business strategy in place as well as standard operating procedures since the company has grown enough to be managed on adhocracy. Carlisle has been able to codify the management system and financial practices but most of the departments are not pleased with the “transparency”. Carlisle should try to get the business heads on board before defining the business applications for them as if they are not satisfied, technology will not be accepted. Moreover he was able to stabilize the current IT physical infrastructure. IZL has too many vendors and business volumes were not properly available to properly forecast the capacity required for the business. Many business areas go directly to procure a service instead of going through the IT division showing the lack of importance of IT in the organization. The business conducted over the internet has shrunk from 52% to 49% and since most of the financial service data was digital in nature, it could be very beneficial to the business....
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