It390 Project Mgmt Midterm Part Ii

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IT390: Project Management-

Module 4 Midterm Exam: Part II

1. What is the difference between leadership and management? How do these two terms relate to a project manager?

At first glance, the terms leadership and management may seem synonymous and the temptation to use the terms interchangeably; however, there is a difference between leadership and management. Leadership is about setting a vision for a group, team or entire business and seeing a course for a new direction. This new direction is based on long term goals for the business and good soft skills are necessary in order to motivate people in this direction.

Management is more about the day to day operations of a project. Making sure that short term goals are met and controlling situations and/or problems is crucial to being a good manager.

So what happens when a project manager has one skill and not the other?

If a PM has Management skills, but is not a leader, he or she may be able to manage day to day operations but lack the vision to see the big picture and may not be able to motivate people in the proper direction. Conversely, if a PM has leadership and vision but lacks management skills, he or she may know the long term goal, but not be able to successfully control each small goal efficiently in order to get there.

To be a successful Project Manager, one must posses both good leadership and management skills

2. What are the four frames of organizations? Describe each frame. Structural Frame:
• Focuses on roles and responsibilities, coordination, and control. Organization charts help define this frame. • Exist to achieve goals and objectives
• Increase efficiency through specialization and division of labor • Have coordination and controls to align work to goals and objectives

Human Resources Frame:
• Focuses on providing harmony between needs of the organization and needs of people. • People and organizations...
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