Iphone 5

Topics: IPhone, App Store, Steve Jobs Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Informative Speech Outline
September 2012
General Purpose: to inform
Specific Purpose: to explain the newer features of the iPhone 5 Central Idea: The iPhone 5 comes equipped with new physical features, the iOS 6, the A6 chip, LTE networking, etc. I. Introduction: Number of iPhones sold and predicted to sell to grab attention with the outlandish numbers. ( USA Today) a. Take a poll of the class to see how many people are infatuated by the iPhone b. Introduce the idea of the new features to inform the class of what this phone has to offer c. Price

TRANSITION: The physical features

II. Body
a. Physical features (CNET)
i. Thinnest
ii. Lightest (Weight)
iii. Screen advantages
iv. New charging port
v. Headphone connector
TRANSITION: Talk about last Wednesday when iOS 6 came to Apple products b. iOS 6 (apple.com)
i. Came to other apple products last Wednesday at 1 o’clock ii. New emojis
iii. Panorama
iv. Siri
v. Maps
vi. Facetime
vii. Do Not Disturb
TRANSITION: Moving on from the software, the other most drastic change… c. A6 Chip
i. Performance up to twice as fast
ii. More fluid motions
iii. Detailed pictures
iv. Increases battery life
v. LTE
TRANSITION: While doing research on the A6 chip, I came across the commercial for the iPhone 5 d. PLAY COMMERCIAL
CONCLUSION: This is the first iPhone made without Steve Jobs. Apple took this upgrade very seriously because of how much people use this phone in their everyday lives.

Katie Newman
Informative Speech Bibliography
September 2012
Informative Speech Bibliogprahy
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