International Business-Scheme of Work

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| Lecturer| Room| Phone No.| e-mail|
Lecture class /| Puan Yus Aznita binti Ustadi| | |
Tutorial class| Encik Azman bin Ayob| | | |

Course Code| Course Title| Evaluation|
ADM 602| International Business Environment| 5% quizzes| | | 15% Assignment Paper & Presentation|
| 20% mid semester exam|
| 60% final exam|
| |

Text Book:

1. Hill, C.W.L. International Business – Competing in the Global Marketplace. McGraw-Hill 8th edition

Standard References:

1. Griffin, E.W. Pustay M.W. International Business. Pearson/Prentice Hall, 6th Edition, 2010 2. Czinkota, M.R. Ronkainnen, I.A. Moffet, M.H. Fundamentals of International Business 1st edition, Thomas South Western 2004 3. John Daniels, Lee Rodebaugh, Daniel Sullivan. International Business. Pearson/Prentice Hall, 12th Edition, 2008

Classroom Behavior:

Much of the success in the classroom can be traced to specific behaviors, which are often the same behavior that lead to success in carrers and life. Acceptable behaviors in the classroom include, but are not limited to:

* Respect: Show respect for your classmates and your instructor/facilitator by extending the same courtesies and considerations in your actions, speaking and attitude that you would want to receive. Show respect for yourself by being prepared in class and working to the best of your abilities. University level behavior is expected. You will be asked to leave if you engage in any inappropriate behavior during class. All cell phones must be on silent or vibrating mode.

* Accountability: The student is accountable for their success or failure in the class based upon their individual actions, efforts and skills.

* Integrity: Since you are receiving full credit for the course, the work submitted to earn the credit should be your own. Looking at a fellow student’s paper during an exam is cheating; turning in someone else’s work and passing it off as your own is cheating. Any instances of cheating will be referred to the Dean’s Office for disciplinary actions.

* Legibility: All written work submitted should be prepared in a professional manner, minimum of spelling errors and grammar errors. The Format should be neat and legible.

Method of Teaching and Learning:

In the class of ADM 602, the teaching and learning process shall be conducted in a way that potray a student centered learning, i.e. the lecturer will act more as a facilitator rather than a teacher. Problem based learning will be the concept use in class which focus more on the learning process. The process is aimed at using the power of authentic problem solving to engage students and enhance their learning and motivation.

Because of timetabling constraints I am unable to change the time allotted to the course, but I can change the approach and methods I use in lecture time. In the new course design, students will still have a two-hour, traditional practical exercise session weekly, but the lecture time will be scheduled in a new way. Some of the lecture time will be used in opening and processing problems, and others will be given over to traditional lecturing.

In the problem-based approach, material will still be presented in lectures, but I will use a problem to construct a reality for the student that gives meaning to the concepts being learned. Therefore, I expect students will do the necessary readings before class so that discussion among group members will be able to flow smoothly. Evaluation:

Quizzes : 5%

Throughout the intersession, two (2) quizzes will be given. Marks from the two quizzes will then be accumulated and averaged to make up the 5% of the coursework marks.

Assignment Paper & Presentation: 15%

There are two (2) parts to this evaluation. Firstly, students are...
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