Integrative Reflection Paper

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Integrative Reflection Paper
I think that all modules, including the discussion on interpersonal skills, career development, emotional maturity, leadership skills, and service and commitement provided by the course (PERSEF1) are meaningful, but there is one module that I think has influenced a lot in my personal development and effectiveness --- which is career development. In this module, I realized many things in planning for a person’s professional life. One of them is that the major effect of work is not to provide the money for attaining and maintaining a standard of living, as long as the person loves what he/she is doing, the work load should not be a burden but a challenge waiting to be overcome. Another statement that I reflected on is: If you plan correctly, you should be able to find the one job that is right for you. I definitely think that this statement is true but I have never foreseen the negative possibilities that a person’s career path may shift even after graduating from college. I thought that if a person has set goals and plans ahead, he will most probably have the right job for him. However, I didn’t think of the cases when a person actually plans correctly, but ends up with a job not of his preference. For example, a person who takes up Finance course but ends up teaching preschool students. This module made me reflect on my decisions as a college student like: Do I see myself as an accountant in ten years time? Do I really love this program that I’m currently taking? This module has helped me opened my eyes and become more serious in my studies because I believe that my academic performance in college will reflect my future job after graduation, through which I am equipped with the skills needed for my profession. I became more confident in sharing my thoughts, feelings, and actions in relation to the various topics taken up in class. For example, through the first exercises of the Grandest Version of myself, I was confident in sharing...
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