Informative Speech on Human Trafficking

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Specific purpose: To inform my audience about human trafficking.

Central idea: To make people aware of the seriousness of human trafficking.

I. Imagine yourself leaving for a trip that you have been looking forward to.

A. You are all packed, on the plane, and then arrive at you destination.

B. After settling in you go exploring the area.

II. At this point, you are kidnapped

A. You cannot do anything to protect yourself or to escape, you are forced to strip, and have your body sold. You are now an object, not a person.

B. Human Trafficking is a horrible crime that must be stopped.


I. What is Human Trafficking?

A. Mark Lagon, CEO of the anti-human trafficking states that “Human trafficking is the element of gross exploitation and control over an individual. In simpler terms it is the slavery of our time.

B. Human trafficking has been going on for hundreds of years

1. Even though slavery was abolished around two hundred years ago, brothels and trades for the human are everywhere including the United States

2. Brothels have been found all over, disguised as strip clubs and massage parlors.

3. According to the Polaris Project website, it is estimated that there are over 100,000 children in the sex trade today in the United States alone

C. Human trafficking is a lot closer to home then one would think.

II. Reasons for human trafficking are incredibly simple, and inhumane.

A. The main reason for sex trade is money.

1. Every year thousands of girls in the United States have to endure exploitation, abuse, and fear simply because selling people makes money.

2. Laura Lederer, senior Advisor on trafficking in Persons to Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs says “ Human trafficking is the 3rd largest global enterprise.

3. Lederer also states that the estimate gain is over 32 billion dollars a year....
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