Informative Speech

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Ikenna Ogbeka
SPCH 275
I. Introduction
* Greeting and Attention Gatherer: The way you greet the audience and capture the attention of your listeners. * Thesis Statement: A sentence in the introduction specifying the purpose and the subject of the speech. * Authority: The process of presenting yourself to the audience and establishing your credibility to persuade your audience that you are "trustworthy" enough to speak about the subject. * Summary: An overview of the main points of the speech.

* Important Answer: Most people know brushing your teeth is vital for good dental health, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. Here's a refresher. II. Body
* Transition: A sentence signaling to the audience the end of the introduction and the beginning of the main part of the speech. * Main points:
* Floss before brushing your teeth. Your toothbrush should have soft nylon bristles and a small head. Soft bristles are gentler on your gums and will flex more easily to reach between the teeth while a small head allows you to reach all areas of your mouth. * Wet your toothbrush slightly and squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Your toothpaste should contain fluoride. If brushing is painful, switch to toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth. * Try to concentrate on one tooth at a time. As you go around your mouth, try to focus on one tooth for a few seconds. When that's done, move on to the next one. * Start with the front of your teeth. Hold the brush so that it's parallel to your lips, then tilt it upward by about 45 degrees. Start with your top front teeth, and work around each side of your mouth in a back-and-forth circular motion, brushing the outer side of each top tooth. Move to the bottom row of teeth, and tilt the toothbrush up by about 45 degrees. Work around each side of your mouth, brushing the outer side of each bottom tooth. * Wiggle the bristles along the gum...
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