Benefits of Being a Dentist

Topics: Dentistry, Dental therapist Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Since the dawn of time, man has had teeth. Unfortunately, not until recent years have dentists come to pass. The world needs dentists, and I chose this career because tooth care is a extremely worthwhile and rewarding trade. As you have probably been able to surmise, dentists take care of people’s teeth. They diagnose the problem, and then treat it accordingly. They also give guidance to patients on how to better care for their teeth. Dentists check up on patients every three months to ensure their teeth are in good condition. And when there is a problem with teeth, such as cavities, cracks, or fractures, they can repair them. Dentists also whiten teeth, and correct bite issues.

In order to become a dentist, you generally need a Bachelor’s Degree in a field of your choice; but most dental schools prefer a degree in biology or chemistry. It usually takes four years to attain a Bachelor’s Degree, and then if you get into dental school that also takes four years to complete. Besides education, there are a few qualities dentists have that help do their job. Communication is one; dentists are constantly interacting with patients, and other members of the staff. They also should be detail oriented, and good with their hands. Leadership skills are another important trait of a dentist. They usually have their own practice, which means they are in charge. When working with difficult patients who may need special attention, dentists have to be extremely patient; it is uncouth for a dentist to become angry.

You may think like there are no drawbacks to being a dentist, well, think again. All the work dentists do is repetitive, and sometimes the stress of owning your own practice is too much. And of course there is always sticking your fingers in people’s dirty mouths. But the positive aspects by far outweigh the negative. Dentists make a lot of money. And dentistry is considered a very prestigious career. They are also self-employed (unless you work in a...
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