Taskstream Fct 4 Task 2

Topics: Christmas tree, Christmas, Demonstration Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: April 13, 2013
A. K-8
1. Briefly Describe two-in-class activities.
In class today the students will be participating in two in-class activities. The two class activities will include watching a cartoon short on brushing their teeth followed by a prompt to successfully demonstrate proper technique learned in the video. The students will watch a 15 minute video on the importance of proper dental care staring a cute cartoon character. There is a model of the cartoon character with a huge brush and an imaginary tube of toothpaste located at the front of the class where the students will demonstrate the techniques learned during the video. 2. For each activity briefly describe two behavioral expectations you would have for that activity. The students will be expected to maintain a quality attention span during the video and to refrain from laying their heads on the desk so they can fully understand the techniques and lifelong importance of proper dental care. After the video is complete the students will be expected to come to the front of the class and demonstrate mastery of the technique taught during the video by performing the action on a Teddy Bear with a big toothy smile and an oversized brush. The students will be expected enjoy presenting what they have learned in front of their peers in an orderly manner to develop confidence in their abilities and a joy of learning. B. K-8

1. Briefly describe two out-of-class activities.
Today in class the children will be participating in two out-of-class activities including a trip to Meijer Gardens Christmas display and then to the farmers market to pick up a Christmas tree and decorations for the classroom. These two activities have been earned by properly demonstrating understanding of orderliness and quality attention span throughout the year during in class opportunities. The out-of-class activity will give the students an excellent opportunity to demonstrate these important qualities in a different environment with...
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