Individual Assignment

Topics: Management, Theory, Citation Pages: 5 (713 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Learning Outcomes

You should be able to:

Appreciate the different management theory and practice from the era of scientific management to contingency theory.

Demonstrate knowledge of the underlying concepts and principles related to entrepreneurial and management activities.


This assignment represents 30% of the total INCOURSE marks for this subject.

The deliverables are:

A report of 2,000 words

You should state the number of words used on the cover of the assignment. You may include diagrams or figures, reference and bibliography lists and any appendices without word penalty. The standard sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed as follows:

|1 -10% excess |no penalty | |11-20% excess |3 marks reduction | |21-30% excess |6 marks reduction | |31-40% excess |9 marks reduction |

The report must follow the standard academic format:

• Font type: Times New Roman
• Font size: 12 pts
• Line spacing : 1.5


You are required to CHOOSE any organisation that you are interested in.

Examine any theories of management discussed in the course and explain their application within an organisation of your choice. You can select any of the following:- i. Classical Viewpoint
- scientific management
- bureaucratic management
- administrative management
ii. Behavioural Viewpoint
- Hawthorne studies
- human relations movement
- behavioural science approach
iii. Quantitative Viewpoint
- management science
- operations management
- management information systems
iv. Contemporary Viewpoint
- systems theory
- contingency theory
- emerging views

Specification of Assignment:

1. Students are to conduct research and write a research-based report on the implications of management theories and their relevancy until today.

2. Students may choose any THREE (3) of the above management viewpoints e.g. Classical viewpoint, Behavioural viewpoint, etc.

3. Students are required to explain only ONE (1) of the management theories for each of the management viewpoint chosen e.g. scientific management, bureaucratic management, administrative management, etc.

4. Students should have a minimum of 3 references to substantiate their research and report writing. Students are required to use proper referencing methods for this assignment.

5. Reports should be well structured and the use of proper headings for topic separation is encouraged.

Possible Topic/Chapter suggestions:-

1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction of Organisation Chosen
4. Management Theories Selected
5. Application to Organisation Chosen
6. Conclusions
7. List of References

Marking Criteria

|Components |Marks Allocation | |Description / introduction of the chosen organisation |10 | |Description of the (3) management theories selected (10 marks each) |30 | |Application of the (3) management theories to the chosen organisation (10 marks|30 | |each) | | |Conclusion |10 | |Referencing - Harvard referencing system with textual citation |10 | |Documentation - Standard academic format |10 | |Total...
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