Impact of Nazi Rule on German Citizens

Topics: Nazism, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Impact of Nazi Rule on Citizens
“Totalitarianism has had a significant impact on the lives of ordinary people.” With reference to one right-wing regime, evaluate the validity of this statement.

The totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany did have a major impact on the everyday lives of many Germans because the state controlled so many aspects of everyday life. At the same time, some people just continued on with their everyday lives despite the government’s policies. Definition of totalitarian state as relevant to the impact on ordinary lives of people: page 358 “ A country where the government seeks to control nearly all aspects of life to ensure that the people become committed members of the state” The government wanted to control as much of peoples lives as they could. “Aimed to establish a totalitarian state and created a series of organizations to control the people.” Page 358

In the case of Nazi Germany, totalitarian control of everyday life was expressed by the concept of Volksgemeinschaft - ‘community of the people’(pages 357 - 369) Volksgemeinschaft-creation of a new united German nation; this was not completely successful. They had certain expectations for the women-blonde hair-blue eyes-long skirts-family devoted. -Hitler was absolute because of the will of the people

-The nazi rule satisfied people’s emotional need for a strong government -Hitler portrayed himself for having the feelings of selfishness devotion, sacrifice, and passionate commitment to the people of germany. -Basic individual freedoms were removed in 1933.

The Nazis used their control of the school curriculum,teachers and youth movements to indoctrinate children. -Nazi influences on children: NSF(National Socialist Women’s Organization), Faith and Beauty, BDM(league of German girls), Jung Mädel(Young Girls), NSDAP, DAF(German Labor Front), Media, Schools, Wehrmacht (army), RAD(Reich Labour Service), German Students’ League, Hitler Youth, Deutsches Jungvolk(Young German...
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