Nazi Women

Topics: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Nazi Party Pages: 2 (944 words) Published: October 25, 2007
By 1939, the Nazis had been in power in Germany for 6 years. Was there much change in the lives of German women and children in the period 1933-1939?

When the Nazis came to power in 1933 there were many changes in society. Hitler's aim was to make a super race of pure German blood people and to expand the German empire, to make it the best. In Hitler doing so many people were effected by these changes that had to be made. And women and children were part of this change. Before Hitler, women were allowed to express them self's in many ways. The year before Hitler came to power there were 18 315 women student in German universities. Once Hitler came to power that dropped to 5 447. This dramatic decrease in numbers shows how Hitler's ideas on how a country was to be run, did not include academic women, in fact women were persuaded to be house wife's and many were pressured to give in there jobs and professions, to fit into society. Hitler used many ways in enforcing this and none better came along than the depression. In the 1930s a third of men became unemployed and lost their jobs, times were tough and men were desperate. The Nazis played on this and argued that, women, due to the cheap labour, were replacing men. So intern, women were pressured out of their jobs, to make way for the men. Hitler also promised during his election campaign in 1932, if he gained power, he would take 800 000 women out of unemployment within four years. Hitler set out reducing the number of women professionals, by dismissing all civil servants and doctors, and even took the women's rights in court he once said " women are unable to think logically or reason objectively, since they are ruled only by emotion." Women were being forced out the work place, and were slowly losing their rights in society. Hitler once again enforced the idea of being a housewife and a stay at home mother, by giving the added incentive of money to persuade women. Hitler passed a law in 1933 that...
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