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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Instructions: For the first week there is just one question worth 20 points. Complete the question on pages 19 and 20 of your workbook. Write clearly and legibly (use white out to correct errors if necessary). We cannot grade what we cannot read. Do not copy (plagiarize) any part of your answers. Make sure to write using your own words. Do not quote anything directly. Plagiarism of any kind can result in failing both the assignment and the course. Submission instructions for these assignments are in the syllabus.

SGQ 1: 20 points
This exercise is designed to give you a personal feel for actual points of contact where International Business touches your life. To begin, read the passage on pages 20 and 21 of your textbook reader ("Preeti comes to SFSU"). The vignette demonstrates how international products affected an SFSU student on one day. Next, on a typical day in your life pay attention to the products and services you use. You might actually take notes throughout the day today or tomorrow. Look at the labels for products you use. Choose three different products or services that you commonly use over the course of a day. Choose three that are from different companies and countries. Make sure to include at least one product and at least one service (not all three products or services). Look at the labels to begin. Search the Internet If you need more information to answer the questions for each product or service you use. Usually a company website is sufficiently informative. Next, answer the following six questions for each of the three products or services. 1. Item (shampoo, orange juice, motorcycle, credit card, bank, etc.) 2. Is it a product or service

3. Company producing product or delivering service
4. Country where company headquarters located
5. Country of origin (where product produced or service originated) 6. What is it that makes this product or service international? Use page 19...
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