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Recognize the structure, sculpture or painting
(There will be 15. I will provide the names of the artists.) Chapters 10- 11

1. El Greco: The Burial of Count Orgaz

2. Diego Velazquez: Las Meninas

3. Bernini: Colonnade of St. Peter's; David
[pic] [pic]

3. Caravaggio: The Calling of St. Matthew

4. Peter Paul Rubens: Henry IV Receiving the Portrait of Marie de Medici [pic]

5. Johannes Vermeer: The Milkmaid

6. Rembrandt: The Nightwatch

7. Fragonard: The Swing

Chapters 12 and 13

1. The Death of Marat: Jacques-Louis David

2. Napoleon Crossing the Alps : Jacques-Louis David

3. Liberty Leading the People: Eugene Delacroix

4. Executions of the Third of May, 1808: Francisco Goya

5. Burial at Ornans: Gustave Courbet

6. Luncheon on the Grass: Edouard Manet

7. Impression: Sunrise: Claude Monet

8. Le Moulin de la Galette: Auguste Renoir

9. The Dancer in Green: Edgar Degas

10. Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte: Georges Seurat [pic]

11. Mont Sainte Victoire: Paul Cezanne

12. Self-Portrait with Halo: Paul Gauguin

13. Starry Night: Vincent Van Gogh .

II. 55 multiple-choice questions:
Chapters 10-11
1. What is El Greco's painting about? How does he express his deep spirituality?

2. What makes Las Meninas a masterpiece by its innovation and modernity?

3. Describe Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

4. Define Caravaggio's style.

5. Purpose of the beautification of Rome/ Artist associated with it.

6. Rubens' style and paintings

7. Louis XIV and his court. Purpose of academies; court composer

8. Bach's music

9. Rembrandt's style and scope

10. Vermeer's style and works

11. Handel's Messiah

12. Mozart's compositions

Chapters 12 and 13

1. Napoleon's Empire: His influence on Paris

2. Napoleon: His influence on Beethoven

3. Napoleon: His influence on Jacques-Louis-David

4. Francisco Goya's paintings. What they are about

5. What is Faust about?

6. English Romantic painters Turner and Constable, their paintings, their styles. How did they influence the impressionists?

7. The French Romantics: Delacroix What did he paint? What were his paintings about?

8. Romantic music: Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique What is it about?

9. Program music

10. Giuseppe Verdi: His music. Whose plays did he use for his operas?How did he become the Italian National Hero of Opera?

11. Richard Wagner: His music. What were his innovations? Who was his famous patron? What did he help him achieve?

12. Mary Wollstonecraft. What was her contribution?

13. Definitions of:
a. socialism

b. materialism

c. darwinism

d. modernity

e. Art Nouveau

f. Romanticism

g. Impressionism

h. realism

14. Louis Sullivan. What was his contribution?

15. French realist painters: Courbet, What did his paintings depict?

16. English realistic writers: Dickens. What did he write?

17. Claude Debussy. What did he compose? What was his innovative contribution to music?

18. Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace and the Eiffel Tower How were they innovative?

19. Antoni Gaudi and Art Nouveau. What was his famous structure? Style?

20. Rodin: His sculptures. How did he break away from traditional sculpture? What were his sculptures about?

21. Characteristics of impressionist style in painting

22. Impressionists Renoir, Monet, Degas, Manet, Cassat: know the basic styles and paintings for each.

23. Post-impressionists Seurat, Gauguin, Cezanne and Van Gogh: What were their paintings? What was each one's basic style?

24. How were the impressionists and the post-impressionists styles different?
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