Human Relations Chapter Three Case Study

Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Thums Up Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: November 9, 2012
1. What seems to be Muhtar Kent’s attitude toward Coca Cola’s local communities, its brands and its people? Mr. Kents attitude toward the coca cola local community and its people seems to be in developing leadership, as well as jobs where people want to come to work. Also to refresh communities when it comes to their beverage choice, as well as giving back to the community, and being responsible to its employees itself as well as the communities that supports their product. 2. Using Theory X, Theory Y, describe Mr. Kent’s Management Attitude. I believe that Mr. kents overall management attitude is more on the lines of the Pygmalion effect where the attitudes of the supervisors, which is instilled through the learning organization, and the Harvard publisher, to remain fresh with ideas of the expectations of them as well as the employees, thus to better understand the concept of how the employees are treated has a direct correlation on their performance. 3. What determinants of job satisfaction are addressed by Mr. Kent in his description of the firm? That Coca-Cola company is committed to living their values. Leadership and the courage to shape a better future, passion committed in heart and mind, remain responsive to change, acting with urgency, having the courage to change course when needed, work efficiently, and remain constructively discontent. 4. Does Coca-Cola help develop employees’ self-concept? As for Coca-cola developing employees self-concept, from reading the website it seems as though they have addressed it and in becoming a learning organization, they are growing into a great company if they don’t go back on their core values, and mission statements. 5. How are values illustrated in this case?

The values that are illustrated in this case are values of trust in the workplace, a learning organization, a place where self is important and moral and beliefs are respected. Also diversity is evident, as well as women playing leadership...
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