Human Dimension on Productive Learning Environment

Topics: Education, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Teachers are essential to creating productive learning environments; they set emotional tone in the classroom, creating either an inviting or a threatening environment. They design learning experiences that can engage, ignore, or even distance students. They interact with students during instruction in ways that motivate, interest, or possibly bore them. Think about some the teachers you’ve had. What comes to mind? If you’re typical, the first thing you remember is that you believed that they cared about you as a person, were committed to your learning, and were enthusiastic about the topics they taught. Let us examine the human dimension of creating productive learning environments as we discuss the following teacher characteristics: 1. CARING – as an essential element in teaching it refers to a teacher’s investment in the protection and development of the young people in his/her classes. And a caring teacher is at the heart of a productive learning environment. Students are more motivated to learn and achieve higher in classrooms where they believe their teachers like, understand, and empathize with them. Students who feel they are welcome and who receive personal support from their teachers also demonstrate more interest in their class work and describe it as more important than students whose teachers are distant. A supportive classroom environment, where each student is valued regardless of academic ability or performance, is essential for both learning and motivation for all students. Teacher caring is essential at all levels, and its importance does not diminish as students grow older. *****COMMUNICATING CARING*****

How do teachers communicate that they care about their students? Some ways include: * Learning students’ names quickly and calling on students by their first name. * Greeting them daily and getting to know them as individuals. * Using effective nonverbal communication such...
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