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Human Resource Management (HRM)
Module Guide 2012-13

Module leader: Peter Canavan C115 ext. 2169

Welcome to the module on Human resource Management. This module introduces the tools and theories of Human Resource management, that are used to help organisations through its people maintain a competitive business advantage. Will we insdetify and analyse a range of theories and models which will help students to understand Human Resource management and the impact that good management can have on both the organisation and the individual


To introduce students to the concepts of managing people specifically through exploration of Developing the Effectiveness Of People, and to attain a high performing workforce while maintaining fairness and ethics in both UK and international organisations

To prepare the student to apply their learning in a practical, organisational environment

Learning outcomes:
By the end of the module you will be able to:

Knowledge and understanding:
a) Critically analyse the factors contributing to organisational dynamics, their relative merits and impact within different organisational contexts

b)Evaluate the different theoretical approaches to organisational behaviour and the impact that it has on both the individual and group dynamics

c)Synthesise the various approaches to organisational form and their implications to the working environment

Subject specific skills:
d)Interpret and analyse a selection of models, concepts and techniques associated with Organisational Behaviour.

e)make business judgements about the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of organising work and the consequences of choices which are made

Key Skills
f) Solving problems in complex and varied organisational scenarios

g)Analyse, evaluate and reflect on complex issues and material

h)Communicate effectively, demonstrating a masters level of academic rigour

Study Hours

|TEACHING, LEARNING + ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES |STUDY HOURS/DL | |Taught Hours (with detail) |21 | |Independent study hours (with detail) |54 | |Assessment Hours (with detail) |25 | |Total |100 |

Learning strategy:
Our sessions will be interactive and student centred. The basic premise of our approach is that the group itself forms an important resource. We will use activities, case studies, and group exercises to encourage reflection on theory and its application. You are advised to read ahead of the sessions and to be prepared to participate and contribute your experiences and ideas.

The following tutors will facilitate sessions:

Peter Canavan

The tutors can be contacted by email ( This module also has a dedicated NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment) site which will be used to post overheads for the sessions and as a vehicle for communication between you and the course team. We welcome and encourage your participation and comments. The module also incorporates an induction session which introduces you to the module, the course team and some of the key elements of the module.

Core texts
The compulsory weekly reading will be drawn mainly from the following texts:

Weeks 1 to 7
Torrington D, Hall L, Taylor S and Atkinson C...
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