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Navin AGM materials, is fuming and fretting. He bumped into Kiran, GM Materials, threw the resignation letter on his table, shouted and walked out of the room swiftly.

Navin has reason for his sudden outburst. He has been driven to the wall. Perhaps details of the story will tell the reasons for Navin’s bile and why he put in his papers, barely four months after he took up his assignment.

The year was 2005 when Navin quit the prestigious Sail plant at Mumbai. As a manager material Navin enjoyed the power. He could even place an order for materials worth Rs 25 lakh. He needed nobody’s prior approval.

Navin joined a pulp making plant located at Pune as AGM Materials. The plant is owned by a prestigious business house in India. Obviously perks, designation and reputation of the conglomerate lured Navin away from the public sector.

When he joined the pulp making company, little did Navin realize that he needed prior approval to place an order for materials worth Rs 12 lakhs. He had presumed that he had the authority to place an order by himself worth half the amount of what he used to do at the mega steel maker. He placed the order material arrived, were recived, accepted and used up in the plant.

Trouble started when the bill for Rs 12 lakh came from vendor. The accounts department withheld payment for the reason that the bill was not endorsed by Kiran. Kiran rused to sign the bill as his approval was not taken by Navin before placing the order.

Navin felt fumigated and cheated. A brief encounter with Kiran only aggrarated the problem. Navin was curtly told that he should have known company rules before venturing. Navin decided to quit the company.

Q1) Does the company have an orientation programme?

Q2) If yes how effective is it?

Q3) How is formal Orientation programme conducted?

Q4) If you were Navin what would have you done?

Q1) Does the company have an orientation programme?

It does’nt look like the company has an orientation programme or it is inaffective. ----------------------------------------

Q2) If yes how effective is it?

It is not as effective, as it should be.

Q3) How is formal Orientation programme conducted?
The orientation process has three stages:

1 A general orientation
2 A departmental orientation, and
3 A specific job orientation
They are conducted by different parties.
The General Orientation is usually managed by either the Training Department or the Human Resources Department, with the Departmental Orientation by the Department Head or first Assistant, while the specific Job Orientation can be carried out by an experienced and trained employee (trained on how to train). These guidelines are intended for people conducting the General Orientation: A general rule of thumb for having the audience interested in the general orientation is to 1 Make them feel at ease (open circle).

2 Make sure that they had enough time to read the employee manual ahead of orientation time. 3 Spend a good portion of the introduction time towards self-introductions, spiced with open questions. 4 Get them to know who Management is: have a big chart in the orientation/training room which depicts how the organisation is set up, with photos of the management team next to their title. 5 Get them acquainted with the operation: have another large chart in the room depicting the flow of work and communications regarding the organization; this flow should include customers, suppliers and all parties affecting the organisation (I had just planned such a chart for the hotel where I dealt with Training and Development, wrote it out in text, had an artist depict it with cartoon characters on a big white chart, making it educational but humorous - after all this was a hotel. Maybe in a technical company humour is not allowed. I explained it to the artist and we showed how each job...
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