How to Pass Ict

Topics: Graphical user interface, Splash screen, Vat Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Testing type| Criteria | Expected outcome| Actual outcome| Evidences | Data entry | Valid data:Entering a new customer “Layla Taylor” Extreme data: In the client form I will limit the home number and contact number to 11 numbers as the numbers in England have only 11 digits like ‘02085696521’ and any number over 11 digits will not be accepted. | Show a new customer called Layla Taylor The system should only accept 11 digits in the phone number section and nothing more. | Outcome as expected Outcome as expected | Print screen number 1 Print screen2 | User interface | House style: Showing the colours like light orange and peach. The logo is in the top left hand and the writing in black, orange and white. Which the house style has the same consistency throughout the database. Splash screen:The splash screen will be open the screen which will welcome the user, after the screen appears and the user click on the page a message will appear saying ‘follow instruction please’ which will then lead them to the password screen.Buttons and macros: The button will allow the user to navigate through the database, allowing the user to find the correct page. For example the receptionist will be able to check in each client that appears by looking at the booking form.Password: The password screen appears after the splash screen, which will ask the user to type in the password so that they can continue with the database. Main menu: The main menu shows the form/query/reports.| The whole database should continue with the same house style and layout throughout the whole database.When the mouse is clicked a boxed message should appear telling them to follow instructions and then lead them to the password screen.The buttons should be clearly labelled so that the user won’t have any problems following the buttons and finding the correct page, confussed.User should enter in correct password which will lead them to database | Outcome as expected Outcome as expected...
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