Btec Level 2 Ict

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How my website meets the original requirements

My client ‘Sports Fair’ wants a website so they can:
o Sell goods online.
o Enable them to have contact with people.
o To browse the products that they are selling.
o Feedback form to gather information from their own customers so they can create a mailing list through email.

The website should also make use of house style based on the needs of my Client. I then designed my website in the form of my storyboard and then created the website. I am now going to describe how my website meets the needs of the client.

Multi-page Website

While it is very easy to create a one page website, managing a site with numerous pages can cause problems. The multi page allows me to have numerous pages connected to my website so if you ever need to change the design of your site, you will also want an easy way to do it so that all your pages are updated to the new design without your having to manually modify every single page. The navigation allows me to connect all my pages together to put all the information I need into it. Many different pieces of The multi-page website allowed me to include information that my client wanted on their website.

Product page


My products page allows users to browse through all my products that are on my website. I have created three other pages on different categories of people from men to women to children. I included shoe wear, t-shirts and hoodys. I used popular brands that customers would recognise such as Adidas, Nike and Puma. I tried my best to make the products that the company is trying to sell look professional with the price and size included. Again this meets the needs of my client as customers have a website when they can browse products.

Logo and Company Name

To begin with I was asked to create a simple logo for ‘SportsFair’. I used Photoshop to create the logo for my website. I made the...
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