How Many Miles to Babylon Quotes

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How many miles to Babylon? Quotes

How many miles to Babylon? – Ordinary Level Quotes List

How many miles to Babylon?

Fourscore and ten, sir.

Will I get there by candlelight?

There and back again, sir

“I love no living person. P 1 – Now that Jerry is dead there is no one left that Alec cares about, not even his parents. “He may be better off dead. My heart doesn’t bleed for her.” P 1 –This quote shows how bad the relationship between Alec and his parents is, he pities his father for the life he has to live with Alicia “They are treating me with the respect apparently due to my class.” P1 –Importance of wealth/class “As a child I was alone.” P 3 –Alicia’s selfish nature, isolating Alec for her own causes “I was isolated from the surrounding children of my own age, by the traditional barriers of class and education.” P3 –Again the loneliness Alec felt as a child, hence his friendship with Jerry is so important “I never minded being alone. I suppose now that I come to think of it I had never known anything else.” P6 “Even with them I was alone, and I was the only thing which made them less alone … Their only meeting place was the child.” P6 –The relationship between Alicia and Frederick is not a loving one, it is full of bitterness and resentment “I have no intention of remaining alone in this with you.” P 8 –Alicia makes it clear to Frederick that Alec is not going to school as she wants him with her so that she does have to be alone with Frederick “I noticed his feet before his face. In the summer they were bare, dust grey and with soles obviously as hard and impervious to stones, thorns, damp, as the soles of my expensive black leather shoes.” P8 –Description of Jerry, stark contrast to Alec’s wealth, boys come from completely different social classes “I had a friend. A private secret friend.” P13 –Alec’s happiness at having a friend, but he has to keep it a secret as Alicia would disapprove “I’ll be leaving school in June” Jerry. P15 –...
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