Hotel Competitive Analysis

Topics: Hotel, Meetings, Boutique hotel Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Competitive Analysis

| Kimpton Hotels| The W Hotels| FairmontHotels| Joie de Vivre| Logo/Brand Name| | | | |
Target Market| Business, Luxury Leisure, GLBT community| Business, Luxury Leisure| Luxury Leisure| Business, Romantic/ Weekend Getaways, Family Vacations| Number of Locations| 54 Boutique Hotels| 52 Boutique Hotels| 88 Boutique Hotels/ Resorts| 30 Boutique Hotels| Locations| United States| Worldwide| Worldwide| California Only | Restaurants | Every Hotel has a restaurant, most are in hotel but others are located within one block| Most Hotels have restaurants | Some Hotels have restaurants| Not located in hotel but own 18 Restaurants In California | Partners| Kerstin Florian Skincare, Haagen-Dazs, WXRT radio station, | Bliss spa products| Evian, Saks Fifth Avenue, BMW, Napa Valley Vintners, Adidas| | Spa | In room spa-services| On-site spa| On-site Spa| On-site Spa| Pet Friendly| Pets Welcome: Specialty services offered for pets| Pets Welcome| No Pets| No Pets| Prices (per night)| $150-$1100| $250- $1400| $350-$1800| $99-$600| Wine/Cocktail Hour| Daily Wine Hour with International wine tasting | None| Cocktail Hours held for business conventions/events| None| Family| KimptonKids Program| Not very kid friendly| Family-oriented activities available| Family vacations welcomed| Meetings| Discovery Breaks- 10 minute tutorials on variety of thingsFun Worship- added fun with art, toys, candy, etc.EarthCare- All recycled and eco-friendly suppliesWellness Breaks- Massages and Aromatherapy | Meeting specialists will help create unique, inspiring, team building brain-teasers and ice-breakers and setup fun workshops for afternoon meeting breaks. Offer variety of food for meetings| Discount for people staying at hotel during meetings/conferenceVariety of meeting room styles to choose from| Audio/Visual Equipment RentalAfternoon Pick-Me-Up- includes yoga, gelato cart and coffee. |...
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