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P133. #3. Disneyland has traditionally marketed to families; recently, however, new house-hold life cycle patterns have led to changes in the marketing strategy. Identify three household life cycle stages that Disney may want to consider in the future.


Disney should take with regards to three household life cycle: Co/So (Single/Married, no kids, Age 22-30), C6 (Couple Empty Nest, Age 51-73) , S4 (Divorced/Single Empty Nest, Age 49-71).

Disney Demographics (Population: 233)

(Table: http://www.zillow.com/local-info/OK-Disney-people/r_17778/) Above are tables of Disney Demographics (survey with a population of 233). From these tables, we can see the change in family structure of Disney Demographics Relationship status (married: 54.9% ), home without kids (90.5%) and average household size (1.8) show that married without kids is a large portion of the Disney Demographic. 32.6% of people are made up of single/divorced. Single Males and Females is equal to 1/3 of national data. These told us Single/Divorced people play a great role in it. The data of Single and married people added up to 64.2%. Single and married people without kids (Age 22-30) are an option for Disney. Note the median age is 49. We can know that 53.7% of people who are older than 50 from Age Demographics. Thus Disney should consider the Couple Empty Nest (Age 51-73) and Single/Divorce Empty Nest (49-71).

Three household Life Cycle Stages:

Co/So: Single/Married, No kids, Age 22-30

Married couples do not have children are likely to have more disposable income to spend on charities, travel, and entertainment than others in the same age range. Not only do they have fewer expenses, these couples are more likely to be dual-wage earners, making it easier for them to retire earlier if they save appropriately.

S4: Divorced/Single Empty Nest, Age 49-71

Divorced/Single Empty Nest (Age 49-71) people are likely to have more disposable income to spend...
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